Bollards can be a beautiful part of your landscaping layout or an important structural feature in your paved roads, driveways, or concrete walkways. But left in the wrong hands, the installation process can be more trouble than it's worth. Our experts will handle the installation procedure carefully and efficiently, guaranteeing you the best looking, most durable results in a manageable and cost effective time frame.

We offer our bollard installation services throughout Orlando and Central Florida. If you need the job done quickly and done right, call us!

The exact approach we use depends on the type of bollard you are looking to install, and the surface where it will be planted. For example, decorative style bollards will involve a slightly different installation procedure than those meant to play more of a structural, impact resisting role.  Removable bollards, as a rule, will have less impact resistance.

The general process, for a non-removable bollard, looks like this:

1.) Plan layout of bollard pattern and mark the ground accordingly.

2.) Drill the hole, making additional room for the concrete, about 18" - 24" deep.

3.) Insert the bollard into the new hole, ensuring it is completely stable and level.

4.) Mix concrete and shovel the mixture into the hole to surround the base of the post, packing it carefully to ensure a balanced foundation.

5.) Clean up any loose concrete on or around the base and allow 48 hours for the concrete to cure.

The bollard installation process:

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