Alex & Bobby using the floor saw

Our services include concrete cutting, sawing, drilling, coring and removal.

Slab sawing with our floor saw.

Alex and Levi Core drlling. Kissimmee, Fl.

​​1-888-CleanUp has the experience and technical expertise to determine the most cost effective method and best equipment for each and every project. Do you have an Orlando concrete job that requires core drilling for plumbing, heating, or electrical applications. Need slab sawing for floors, asphalt or brick decks? You can depend on the experts at 1-888-CleanUp to get the job done in a safe and timely manner.  

Alex using the wall saw at WOC 2014

1-888- CleanUp offers a complete range of concrete cutting services throughout Orlando and Central Florida. Our highly trained, professional employees and state of the art equipment are capable of handling any concrete cutting project with minimal disruption and downtime to your business. 

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