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At 1-888-CleanUp, we can send a truck to meet you at any location throughout Orlando and Central Florida.

Our service will be fast, efficient, and cost effective.

Unlike more time consuming methods of debris removal, all we need to do is pick up and go.

Our Grapple truck service is most useful in cases where the debris can't easily be burned, ground into smaller pieces, or otherwise disposed of on site.We offer a quick, easy, and self contained way to both remove the debris from the ground, and haul it away.

The heavy duty Grapple arm is especially helpful with debris such as tree stumps and large logs that are too heavy to remove by hand.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you, our Grapple Truck is self-loading, and can haul an entire bed's worth of brush, branches, stumps, or practically any other kind of debris you can think of. We work quickly and carefully to deliver you the best service in a time frame that minimizes the inconvenience to you.

A cubic yard is about the same size as a washing machine

Where Do We Haul From?

Why Use A Grapple Truck?

Our Grapple truck is also a great option for moving large objects from one location to another. 

Here you see us picking up a large Canary Island Date Palm for installation in downtown Orlando.

Professional bulk pick-up services provided seven days a week.

Great for hauling yard and construction debris, old furniture, and other large items.

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