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Tree Trimming & Pruning

One of the best ways to prepare your property for sever weather is to properly trim and prune your trees on a regular basis. As a rule, properly pruned trees survive a hurricane better than unpruned trees, and that means less possible property damage, and inconvenience

to you, in the event of a storm. Well trimmed trees also make your yard look so much nicer.

Our Guarantee

We want to help you save money, and we can.  We own all of our own trucks and equipment, which means we can deliver you the same services as our competitors, without making you budget for the middleman. No rentals = lower cost to you.   

Tree Removal & CleanUp

Inclement weather may be a pain to deal with but when a storm takes down a tree on or around your property it can very quickly become a lot more than an inconvenience. At 1-888-CleanUp we're comitted to providing fast and efficient professional tree services that will return your yard, home, and driveway to its original condition, as quickly as possible. Or, even better, we can help you prepare your trees, by trimming or pruning, so they're ready before the storm hits.

Whether you need your trees trimmed, pruned, or removed completely,  1-888-CleanUp can offer you the best and quickest solution.

We provide a variety of tree trimming and removal services throughout Orlando, Altamonte Springs, Belle Isle, Casselberry, Edgewood,

Lake Buena Vista, Lake Butler, Lake Mary, Longwood, Maitland, Windermere, and WInter Park.

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Alex & Levi after taking down a tree.

Tree Trimming & Removal