Our saws run on electric power, limiting environmental hazards, and are also commonly referred to as concrete track saws. Wall sawing employs a diamond blade on a track-mounted system that can be used for vertical or horizontal cuts. Wall saws are typically used on vertical surfaces when a new doorway, window or HVAC openings are needed. Wall sawing allows for precise cuts in both concrete and masonry structures.

Wall sawing can be performed up to 30" deep. Cutting can also be performed from both sides of the wall, giving a total depth of up to 60". If your opening requires a specific angle through the concrete, this saw can accommodate.

Applications Include:
Straight, smooth finished openings in walls and ceilings.
Accurately sized, fixture ready openings
Bevel cutting for a chamfered edge
Flush cutting against the surface

Electrical; plumbing, openings
Ventilation and air conditioning openings
Eliminating overcuts and corner cutting
Small, tightly accessed areas
Concrete Beam and Pipe cutting

The Electric Wall Saw is perfect for jobs that can not have over-cuts

Wall sawing employs a circular blade on a track-mounted machine. The track is attached to horizontal walls or steep inclines that will not permit the use of flat saws. Wall or track sawing is typically specified to cut precise dimensional door, vent and window openings. It is also an excellent choice for creating precise openings in any concrete structure.
This added cost is an affordable solution to the old style way of coring the corners that left scallops that needed to be chipped.


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Now Offering:  Electric wall sawing 

We use our electric wall saw to cut reinforced concrete, brick and other building materials. 

We use our wall saw when you need track sawing for horizontal & vertical surfaces

The wall saw can be used for any kind of opening, as well as sawing including stair, bevel and flush cutting.